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Dimensions Variable
Materials: blown glass, 17 channel color video with sound, 1 minute 20 second

Project Venues:
2013 Song Eun Art Space, Seoul Korea

Song Eun Art Space, Seoul Korea

This work is a remake of a Japanese historical glass toy called "Popen,” which is a noisemaker made of glass. Sound and vibration resonance in glass is a reoccurring theme within my work, yet, in “Popen,” I am particularly interested in the flexibility of the glass surface creating interchangeable concave and convex lens. These transformative lens can also create organic light projections on the wall while light is focused on the vibrating glass membrane. Thus, thru using “Popen,” as an instrument of both light and sound, I compose a video that displays the proliferation of microorganisms, the interaction of various luminous sea creatures, or even the impact explosions of the stars in the cosmos.



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