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  Bohyun Yoon contents


Dimensions: metal structure: 6'H x 10'W x 10'D
Materials: steel, silkscreened glass, clamp, wire, lamp

Project Venues:
2013 Anderson Gallery, Richmond VA
2012 Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia PA

I took my neighbors portraits and I print faces onto glass panels with a different monotone color hung from full height metal frames.  The frames are set up to create a space to walk into with a spotlights hanging from the center, causing the panels to glow from within in color while throwing shadows on the walls outside the frame.
The printed faces lose their saturated color when their shadow is projected onto the wall, but the individual panels become one continuous over-sized shadow on the wall. The work represents that even if we have different race and back ground, we are all the same.





Photography by Terry Brown



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