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  Bohyun Yoon contents


Dimensions Variable
Materials: mixed media, spotlights, screen

Project Venues:
2009 Glass Guerillas, Corning NY
2008 Startline, Tokyo Japan
2008 Chazan Gallery, Providence RI

Using mirrors and the body, I created various contradictions. But if a mirror has inherent absurdities then what is going to happen when you look at yourself. The mirror works as a filter but if this filter creates contradictions then how can you see yourself, both literally and in a larger metaphorical sense. This got my imagination started. I started to make a special mirror to reveal its contradictory nature. I found light and reflection could show this.
Two special mirrors that have slight textures (male & female nude pictures) on the surface reflect a spotlight onto a translucent screen between them. The two refractions from each mirror will merge at this screen. So, if a viewer stands and blocks the light from one side of the mirror, the image will project only a male on the screen; and if the viewer switches to the opposite place, then it will project only a female on the other side of the screen. And if no one blocks the space, the light will project a merged male and female figure on the screen. This work is simply an interaction with the viewer's movement in the space; a person will engage in both looking at his reflection on the mirror and his projected image on the screen.









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