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  Bohyun Yoon contents


Dimension: 6.2’H x 16.5’W x 16.5’D
Materials: live models, mirror, steel

Project Venues:
2004 RISD Museum, Providence RI

Three tracks of steel frames hold double-sided-mirror-panels, gliding forward and backward. In the center of each panel is a cutout of the model's torso profile, which fits the body of the nude models. A reflection of a half body merges with another and completes a whole body.
As the models begin to walk back and forth, a mixture of sex and scale creates man-woman, woman- woman, and an unbalanced image of the body.
The mirrors reflect and fragment the space between the performance and the audience. As the mirror panels move, the space of the audience moves as well. The role of mirrored reflection expresses the blur of genders. The frame portrays social structure.








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