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  Bohyun Yoon contents


Dimension: 12”H x 80”W x 9”D
Materials: wax, steel, wire, spotlight

Project Venues:
2004 Space at Alice, Providence RI

While working with life-size nude figures as a constant, I also experimented with smaller scale human figures made from wax. The materiality is also partly the message.  Wax is a fugitive material, and also translucent like the human skin. The illusion in this piece depends on one light source that casts sharp complete shadows of numerous figures, which in fact are generated by many wax body parts. Like TV shows or films we encounter every day, they illustrate smooth and seamless visual scenes. But these visual media are actually built out of fragmented clips from different times and places, smoothly edited in the computer.  The trick of the shadow brought life to my fragmented wax pieces, transforming their insignificant nature into a meaningful whole entity. I wanted to depict an idea about a body controlled by some power, like a puppet.







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