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Glass Tube

Dimensions Variable
Materials: blown glass tube, color video with sound, 2 minutes

Project Venues:
2015 Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo Japan
2014 Capital One, Richmond, VA USA
2014 Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton, VA USA
2013 Grand Point Weird, Burlington, Vermont USA
2013 Galerie Duchamp, Yvetot, France
2013 Song Eun Art Space, Seoul Korea
2012 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pennsylvania USA
2012 FAB Gallery, VCUart, Richmond, VA USA
2012 Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC
Tama Art University, Tokyo Japan

I am interested in challenging how to visualize invisibility. The “Glass Tube,” is inspired by an Optics & Resonance demonstration at the physics lab at Brown University. There, I came to understand how to construct a simple instrument using glass tubes, a blow torch and small section of metal mesh. The various sounds are created depending on the size and thickness of a tube. One specific tube can only make one specific sound and together they create a new form of ephemeral music. Each have also been given an onomatopoeic name, such as Pheeyeahhhh, Yeyounnng, and Byooooong. In the accompanying video, the composition and editorial choices display harmony and struggle within the same action which represents a dream of a world where weapons transform themselves into musical instruments.










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